November 2018

What your website needs for 2019


With so much competition online now, your website needs to be a visually striking, virtual, online representation of everything your business represents. Here are some tips on crucial website design essentials you must ensure your website has to turn visitors into customers:  

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October 2018

What’s in a logo ?


Logo design has certainly moved on over the past few years. A logo used to be a crest like image, with tiny details that you can barely see when printed on stationery or viewing from far away.

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August 2017

Why Your Business Needs a Good Website


In the business world, information is everything. People browse the internet looking at information. You need to have a website for your customers and offer them enough information to draw them in. Tell them what you can do for them. Tell them that they need your professional services.

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Internet Trends 2017


Every year Mary Meeker of KPCB presents an annual summary of the year-to-date statistics on online trends. We have picked out some of the most interesting and relevant points to our industry.

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